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I am Interested 10/18/2019 10:32 am



Hi there! Are you looking to join a Co-ed Rec-level Fall-Winter team? Specifically Sunday afternoons (12-3pm game start times) at Lamport Stadium, Nov 10 - Jan 26.

We are looking for 2 more players, ideally:
- a "part time" goalie (see the "about us" about why it's part time) - any gender
- 1 more soccer player - woman preferred
- folks who care less about winning and more about having a fun time, getting better at their individual soccer skills, and contributing to a healthy team culture

About us:
- We are 8 people who got put together on a free agent team this season and want to keep playing together.
- We are aiming for a max of 10 players on the roster so everyone can get lots of game time (and people have committed to 80-100% of the games)
- We are currently 4 woman and 4 men -- and I would personally love to see a 50-50 split for the final roster!
- If you are a keeper: we already have someone who can be a goalie but if we have TWO goalies then you can play out in the field for part of the game

Look forward to hearing from you if our team sounds awesome and you want to join!
08/26/2019 10:57 pm