Branksome Hall Senior Gym - Full Gym

Address: 12 Elm Ave (Bloor St. East and Mt. Pleasant)

No map is currently available for this location.

Description: Parking: The school has two main parking lots available for our use. These parking lots are in front of buildings 11, 14 and 15 on the attached campus map. If these lots are full, street parking can be found on Elm Avenue. Gym: The Senior Gym is marked on the attached campus map as building number 18. The entrance to the building is indicated by the green leaf right beside it. There will be a Branksome Hall employee inside the door at all times. Each time you enter the building you will have to sign in with the staff member working at the desk. After your game you will have to sign out with the same staff member. This staff member will direct you towards the gymnasium. Other: Once inside the school you are only permitted in the gymnasium, change rooms and washrooms. Should there be any issues and you cannot locate a Branksome Hall staff member, you can reach their Security directly at (416) 771 - 6012


  • Venues may have multiple courts/fields. Additional layout maps may be provided for these below.
  • The majority of outdoor venues often do not have bathrooms. Make sure you go before your game!
  • There is no smoking at any Sport and Social Club playing venues!

For facility problems (locked door, missing equipment, unreasonable caretakers), call 416-768-4357

Help phone hours:
  • Mondays - Fridays 5PM-9PM
  • Saturdays and Sundays noon-6PM
  • This line is not answered during 9AM-5PM
  • Please do not call this line for any other issues other than facility-related ones

Detailed field layout map

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